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Match details

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Final score: 2
Predicted score: 1.375


Best of 3


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Final score: 1
Predicted score: 1.25

Report: wnukos won, confirmed, source: Warzyw647, confirmed by: Warzyw647

Report time: 1 week, 4 days ago

Template: Wolf_and_Sheep

Color, town, hero of Hyde: Blue, Castle, Valeska

Color, town, hero of wnukos: Red, Inferno, Calh

Bidding amount
Hyde: 4600
wnukos: -4600

Ended on: 1 2 3

Description: Wnukos chose Red color, Fast Roads and Weak Monsters
Hyde chose Castle (Valeska) over Inferno (Calh)
Due to Weak Monsters, weaker army boxes were unguarded. 3 Imp boxes in 3 different places and Gog upg in main town for Wnukos on 111.
Hyde took one Gog Box from wolf's zone, got Gelu and just barely got the gold to up his 21 Archers.
He then reached one of Wnukos' 3 armies and took out most of its 100 Imps before Wnukos ran away.
That fight took place close to Hyde's Earth Magic Boxes which he tried to protect.
At this point, still on 111, Wnukos thought about surrendering. At the end of the turn Hyde started building Marketplaces.
Wnukos chained his entire army together, battling Dragons and Dwarves for gold on the way with parts of his army, sold all of his resources on 1 Market and attacked Gelu with upgraded Gogs from 3 towns and partly upgraded Imps. There were some errors in stack positioning on both sides and in the end Hyde ran away when all Gogs and Magogs died from both sides. Wnukos was left with a total of 400+ Imps (100+ of them unupgraded) and Hyde was left with mostly just Gelu for an army.
Hyde bypassed Wnukos' army with a griffin 1-stack and took his main town. Gelu was bought in a diferent zone and started upgrading Archers there while another hero took an Imp Box from Wnukos' zone.
Wnukos focused on retaking his main town and doing Gold Banks and split out some 1-stack Imps to chase away a nearby scout. He ended the turn with the entire army in his main town and with about 10k Gold. He also planned more Dwarven Treasuries for the next day.
Hyde cleared one of the passages between his zones and chased away 2 scouts. Gelu ended his turn near one of Wnukos' side towns and Hyde built more Markets.
Wnukos did more Dwarven Treasuries and Churchyards, split out some more 1-stack Imps to a forward scout and hit Gelu with his 500+ Familiars.
Hyde surrendered his 10 Sharps and 100 Imps. He didn't risk taking a shot due to the danger of morale on Wnukos' Imps and no Sharp 1-stack next to main stack.
Hyde took another Imp Box, chased away some scouts, gathered some Gold and Resources and took his 6th Village with recruitable Archers (future Sharpshooters). Due to Weak Monsters, he had troubles gathering experience on his Magic Heroes.
Wnukos mostly farmed his zone, got Demons and Efreeti from external Dwells and built Demons in main town. Took out a few scouts but didn't enter Hyde's zones.
Hyde took another of his Villages, increasing his Sharpshooter powerstack to 27. He also built Fort in his starting Village in the Crystal Mine Zone, the one with Gelu. He also gathered some resources and took some xp with his Magic Heroes, mostly Jeddite and Inteus. Jeddite got Expert Wisdom and chose Scholar over Water Magic. He wasn't offered Earth Magic that he wanted to make more use of Earth Boxes in his Crystal Mine Zone.
Wnukos farmed his zone, increasing army to 4 Efreeti, 90 Gogs (half upg), 28 Demons and 700+ Familiars. Trying to get more powerstacks.
Hyde took his 9th Village and an Archer Dwell. He continued developing his Magic Heroes and prepared to take Earth Magic Boxes on 117. Gelu with his army went towards a faraway guarded Box with Army (guarded, so better than Imps) in Wnukos' zone, in a place where Wnukos would perhaps not catch him. He also added a Pikemen Dwell in the town where he previously built a Fort, evidently preparing to add an Archer Dwell on 117.
Wnukos chased away a scout, built Efreet Dwell in his Central Town and reached Gelu with a scout hero carrying his entire army. Hyde surrendered after destroying half of Wnukos' Gogs and 50 Familiars while losing 10 Sharpshooters. One of his scouts managed to snatch a Village in a different Hyde's zone.
Hyde was low on gold after surrendering, so some of his turn was gathering Gold. He finally picked up his level 4 Earth Magic Box. He also retook his lost village and took another one (10 out of 12 villages on the surface were under his control and the other 2 were neutral). He also built the Archer Dwell in the town where Gelu went to sleep.
Wnukos' scouts took 2 villages far away from Gelu, including the one next to Archer Dwell, and took out previous week's growth of Archers from that town and Dwell. He also sent his entire army on his main hero into a different zone.
Hyde took Archers from Earth zone and decided to defend Fort with Gelu and 58 Sharps.
Wnukos took Hyde's town and one neutral ton in the zone where his main went and discovered all parts of the Armor of the Damned. He was close to picking up the last missing part in a safe part of his zone.
Hyde ran with Gelu to other zone to up the Sharps from there. Had to sell a lot of resources for that. Didn't join 38 new Sharps with old ones (too far). Sent them to chase scout Tazar.
Wnukos hit new Sharps with army, upg Efreets, AotD on Tazar and Hyde surrendered.


Report: Hyde won, confirmed, source: Hyde, confirmed by: Warzyw647

Report time: 1 week, 4 days ago

Template: Quest_Zone

Color, town, hero of Hyde: Red, Stronghold, Tyraxor

Color, town, hero of wnukos: Blue, Cove, Leena

Bidding amount
Hyde: 4800
wnukos: -4800

Ended on: 1 2 6

Description: Very pleasant map to play (for me, at least:) ).

111 i got spirit of oppresion that helped a lot to maintain my wolfies powerstack throughout the whole game.

112 killed guard to AI zone (Basilisks) with 44 wolf riders and some orcs and hobgoblins.

Until 115 I took both AI forts and killed all his heroes without significant losses to wolfies. Because of nasty basic guard to quest zone (efreet sultans) i decided to use roadless connection with serpent flies as a guard. Before that fight I have cleared some artifacts and resources from AI zone and have bought army growth from new week (including 12 thunderbirds).

122 I entered quest zone, and saw there one opponent hero without army, who went back to his zone next turn. I checked seer's huts and exchanged spirit of oppresion for more wolfies (35), then I atacked opponent hero in his AI zone and won Breastplate of Petrified Wood , that turned out to be exchangeable as well - this time for 45 crew mates.
The connection to quest zone for Wnukos was blocked by my heroes and army.

Final battle took place on 126, when I atacked opponent hero in his starting town (his hero was boosted in scholars zone, but fortunately for me - with only stats and no significant offensive spells better than magic arrow). Wnukos tried hard, but power of Thunderbirds and wolfies (with nice Tyraxor mighty stats) was sufficient to won the game.

Recordings: (follow-up)

Report: Hyde won, confirmed, source: Hyde, confirmed by: Warzyw647

Report time: 1 week, 4 days ago

Template: Brawl

Color, town, hero of Hyde: Blue, Tower, Solmyr

Color, town, hero of wnukos: Red, Necropolis, Thant

Ended on: 1 1 7

Description: Typical Brawl game - just madness :)

I lost one town to Wnukos on 112, but recaptured one of his town on 113. After that he farmed his zones, tried to attack my starting zone (he managed to steal some resources, but town was defended), and I basically waited in necro fort with plan to dig for a grail (I saw 2/3 obelisks , but it was enough to know the 5x5 tiles area where grail could be).

Wnukos attacked on 116 with Jeddite (0/0/3/2 with magic arrow) with 80 skeletons, 9 zombies, few one-stacks wights , 32 gremlins and 6 stone gargoyles. Solmyr (0/0/2/3) had 72 master gremlins, 8 stone golems and 13 stone gargoyles. With a little bit of luck, bad morale for living opponent creatures and one chain lighting I survived, and Wnukos surendered with remnants of his army.

Next day I succesfully digged for a grail and Wnukos gave up at this point (he knew about my success, because he visited all obelisks)


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Made by Made on (Polish time) Score Points
mqnabz7 July 20, 2022, 9:12 a.m. Hyde 2 - 1 wnukos 5
VasT July 14, 2022, 11:48 p.m. Hyde 0 - 2 wnukos 1
custom flag PiesKadziela July 14, 2022, 12:41 p.m. Hyde 0 - 2 wnukos 1
LordDavy July 14, 2022, 9:17 a.m. Hyde 2 - 1 wnukos 5
Bubonchik July 14, 2022, 9:04 a.m. Hyde 2 - 0 wnukos 1
Khimeirion July 14, 2022, 9:03 a.m. Hyde 1 - 2 wnukos 1
UrfinDzus July 14, 2022, 9:01 a.m. Hyde 2 - 1 wnukos 5
Stevmar July 14, 2022, 8:51 a.m. Hyde 2 - 1 wnukos 5