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Phase details

Signups - the world

Players from this phase will be added to:

Group phase - the world

Player list (91 in total):

alagar151 (alagar151)
Amg (Amg)
Aravol (lovreP)
Arkfrost (Arkfrost)
Ascher (Ascher)
Azizi11 (Azizi11)
baTTanas (All-In)
Bazatu19 (Bazatu19)
BeeOfSpades (2Good4U)
custom flag Chunkousnom (Chunkousnom)
Colossuss (Colossuss)
Crackbrained (Crackbrained)
csaba (Ssth)
DaculCB (Dacul CB)
dalang (hemmelig_bruker)
dapa (dapa)
DarkenedMind (Darkened Mind)
demonar (Demonar)
Dodde (Dodde)
custom flag Ender0 (Ender0)
Gee (Gee)
Grand (GrandTMN)
Holonomy (Holonomy)
huzurescu4 (huzurescu)
Igognito (Igognito)
ilija (ilija)
Jacob35 (Jacob35)
JayL (JayL)
Jeimss (Jeimss87)
jobanundead (jobanundead)
jogaproger (jogaproger)
Jylha (Jylha)
karolis (karolisu)
kaskiw (kaskiw)
keindahan (KeiNDaHaN)
kicferk_admin (kicferk)
Kyraha (Kyraha)
l-loly (l-loly)
lasse (Boblashdk)
Lexiav (Lexiav)
liemuo (liemuo)
LordYerlordship (siryessir)
MarceloSagaz (MMSagaz)
marqadam (Marqadam2)
MataPlatypus (MataPlatypus)
Materaggia (Materaggia)
Mr.Freeman (Mr.Freeman)
MrChatterbox (MrChatterbox)
MrPompon (MrPompon)
Myrthan (myrthan)
NooPanda (NooPanda)
Norbakk (Norbakk)
custom flag Odog (odog)
positivity (Baniil)
PppPria (PppPria)
ProtosArchon (ProtosArchon)
custom flag przder (przder)
Publio (andrepublio1986)
rimjob (prizroka)
RitoSux (RitoSux)
Ruffanzor (Ruffanzor)
samod (samod)
custom flag sergiu (Sergiu_8)
SiNuS (SiNuS)
custom flag SiroperableQC (matxx)
Sir_Ahi (Sir Ahi)
sixdof (BlackDragon12345)
smegmius (samot)
Smorc7 (SMOrc_)
snorman1 (snorman)
sol.heroes3br (Sol.heroes3BR)
SpektreBR (SpektreBR)
Synesthesiac23 (synesthesiac23)
ValentoHS (ValentoHS)
wadim (Wadim1o1)
watkinzz (watkinzz)
wiltstorm (wiltstorm)
Wolfus (Wolfus)
Xan666 (Xan666)
custom flag Xelandro (Xelandro)
Xenofex (xenofex)
Xit (Radixit)
custom flag XsiFromH3 (_XS!_)
Yami_Yugi_ (Yami_Yugi_)
yke111 (yke11)
Yugomg (Yugomg)
Zodmund (Zodmund)
zuras_sf (zuras_sf)
_NEO_ (_NEO_Bulgaria)