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EN: Battle of Favourites! - 12

published: 2 years, 5 months ago by kicferk_admin
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12th edition of a beloved tournament is starting on HW, organised by Xocenk. Sign ups are open!

Tournament info

The Battle of Favourites is a tournament with a long tradition, in which players pick one town - their favourite - for the entire tournament, and play with it in every game of the tournament.

The tournament is played in two stages. First the group stage, followed by double elimination. It will start on the 1st of January.

Link to the tournament and signups is here.

The tournament is not played using HotA, but SoD + FreshMod.

As in HotA 1.6.1:

  1. Always "good roads" for human players. That is, the roads are guaranteed for all kinds of connections with the respawn. - But further connections are not fixed, there is more variety.

  2. One-way portals are excluded.

  3. The appearance of "buggy" passages between zones is completely excluded.

  4. Blocks on roads for value no more than 1/3 of the maximum in the zone.

  5. On the map without water excluded - water spells, artifacts, navigation skill.

  6. Moves counting and transfer between heroes inside the town.

  7. The value of scrolls with significant spells is increased.

  8. You can build all buildings (improvements to pixies but you only need a garden of fairies, magic elementals, phoenixes, vampire lords). Choosing a hero for flux is allowed.

As in a future HotA patch:

  1. The obtaining of the "Town Portal" and "Dimension Door" spells has been balanced (1-4 rolls).


  1. Native troops from hives and conservatories. For example, death knights and bone dragons for the necro.

  2. Necromancy is 20% + 5% from amplifier (see details). Galtran's choice allowed.

  3. Diplomacy, Eagle Eye, First Aid have been improved.

  4. Campaign heroes are available with the starting army of their town (except Gelu). Astral specialization doubles hypnosis.

  5. The cost of the "gates of hell" is significantly reduced, fort isn't required.

As per SoD:

  1. Mass slow - speed/2.

  2. Red orb, Recanter cloak are available

  3. Logistics 30%


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